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This is a complex 20-minute PowerPoint presentation for Florida Defenders of the Environment, with 184 pages, animation and music. One section advances automatically and is timed with relevant music.


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This 76-slide presentation on new media for the NUS Communications & New Media Department was designed for use by a speaker. The pictures to the left enter one at a time as the speaker discusses each topic. The slide shown below contains a link to a video about the power of words.

CNM, second page

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Visual Communication

This is a 118-slide presentation on design principles, one of 13 presentations for a visual communication course. It uses animation to bring pictures in, usually fading in. The picture in the slide to the left moves in from the left. The slide below uses animation to show how phi (the Fibonacci spiral) is used in design.

Visual Communication, second page

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Writing for Media

The slide at left is from a 68-slide presentation on news writing. The excerpts, from a William Zinsser article on the Civil Rights memorial in Atlanta, are accompanied by relevant pictures. The slide below is from a 54-slide presentation on grammar. Both are part of 13 presentations for a course in writing for media.

Writing for Media, page 2

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These slides are part of 91-slide presentation on the practice of meditation. The opening slides are advanced by the speaker while explaining the scientifically demonstrated benefits of meditation. Most advance automatically to meditation music.

Meditation, second page

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