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Linda M. Perry is skilled in electronic editing. With close attention to detail, she can use Microsoft Word editing tools to assure that you can review each and every edit before committing them to your paper. She is experienced in editing books, public relations publications, magazines and academic articles as well as for news media.

"I highly recommend Linda for any editing services. I love working with Linda because she is meticulous, professional, and responds quickly. I also appreciate that she polishes up the work, understands the author's intent, and points out the holes and flaws in the argument. With her background in academics, she is knowledgeable in both style and content, which makes her service fine tuned and a complete package." — Iccha Basnyat, Ph.D.,
National University of Singapore

"Linda has a Midas touch. Any paper she touches turns into top-notch publishable material. Her ruthless red pen has transformed two of my term papers into published pieces. I highly recommend her skills of verbal alchemy and am queuing up to be her first official customer!" — Ganga Dhanesh, Ph.D., National University of Singapore

Dr. Perry can polish your content for reports, websites, brochures, press releases, social media, PowerPoint presentations, manuals, business letters, newsletters, magazines, speeches — anything where clear and precise writing is a must.

She also is experienced in editing the work of people for whom English is a second language.

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